Mapping & Appraisal

Mapping & Appraisal Department
 Address:220 Hillcrest Dr.
               Room 154
               Andalusia, AL 36420
 Main Line:    334-428-2630
 Fax:              334-428-2695
 Klint Short (Chief Appraiser):                                                 334-428-2635
 Dave Wiggins (Appraiser):                                                     334-428-2637
 Tracy Lawson (Appraisal Clerk):                                            334-428-2634
 Courtney Dozier (Appraisal Clerk):                                        334-428-2633
 Abigail Farmer (Business/Personal Property Appraiser):       334-428-2631
 Tyler Elmore (CAD Mapper):                                                  334-428-2636
 The Mapping Department is responsible for maintaining an up to date set of maps that display all of the parcels in the county, detailing their locations and physical characteristics. In   Covington County this is accomplished through the use of an ESRI based Geographic Information System (GIS). Master digital maps are updated to reflect new subdivisions,   surveys, roads, property splits, and the combining of parcels as they occur. They are also responsible for the changing of ownership on said parcels through recorded documents.
 The Appraisal Department is responsible for establishing current market values of all parcels located in Covington County according to Alabama Department of Revenue appraisal   standards. It is our goal that these values be fair and equitable throughout the county. Once the parcel has been established and values assigned, we have an ongoing maintenance   program to keep parcel information current. The appraisal clerks will input all of the information obtained by the appraisers and run monthly reports to ensure that all of the data is   accurate according to the changes and reappraisals.
 The Business Personal Property Appraiser discovers new and existing business personal property. Some of their duties are to collect, analyze, and input data from business personal   property returns, field inspections, financial statements, and accounting records to assure compliance with Alabama Personal Property Appraisal Manual. This manual is issued by the   Alabama Department of Revenue Ad Valorem Tax Division.